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Wallace the OrangUtan

Sarawak, September 2014: Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB) recently added two new members to the team: two (2) orangutan puppets that were customised to resemble the actual Borneo Orangutan for marketing and promotional purposes.

SCB Managing Director, Mike Cannon commented, “After speaking to meeting planners about developing original new ideas, and considering Orangutan is one of Borneo’s unique selling points, we thought that this puppet duo would make a good marketing tool for conferences and social events.”

The orangutan puppets, named Brooke and Wallace, are adorable and adventurous.Like their namesakes, each possesses different characteristics but both enjoy the adrenaline of a challenge and meeting new people; truly embodying SCB’s branding tagline of “Sarawak – Where Business & Adventure Meet”.

Brooke the OrangUtan

Brooke the OrangUtan

The puppet duo can be used not only as a tool for delegate boosting or promotional activities but also to raise awareness of Sarawak Forestry’s Orangutan Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program as one of Sarawak’s best incentive ideas.

“The Heart 2 Heart with Orangutans CSR programme is in partnership with Sarawak Forestry Corporation where delegates spend a day in the life of a ranger with a close encounter of these gentle creatures and make a difference in the lives of the Borneo Orangutans who are the life and soul of the rainforest” he added.

Brooke named after James Brooke the white Rajah of Sarawak who was regal and a strategic thinker. Where else, Wallace named after Sir Alfred Wallace who was an intrepid explorer and brilliant naturalist.

For further information or to make a booking, contact Mr Aloysius Sibek (Marketing & Communications Assistant) at +6082-242516 or email [email protected]