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Aiman Batang Ai Resort & Retreat



Aiman Batang Ai Resort and Retreat offers the ideal getaway for us seeking serenity, mindfulness and relaxation. Formerly known as the Batang Ai Longhouse Resort managed by Hilton , the resort is now under Planet Borneo Lodge Management starting January 2016 and starts with New Beginnings and Renewed Aspirations.

Exterior view

Located on the fringe of the Batang Ai National Park, this 100-room resort offers pristine nature surrounded by nearby tribal communities and wildlife who have made Batang Ai their home. Fashioned in the traditional longhouse design, the resort offers endless opportunities for invigorating sports and activities or simply relaxation and peace.

Venues & Accommodation Details

(Max Pax.)
(Max Pax.)
(Max Pax.)
220 140 300 100

Company information

Company Name: Aiman Batang Ai Resort & Retreat
Business Type: Venues & Accommodation
Address: (Kuching Office) Ground Floor, Sublot15, Riveredge Commercial Development, Jalan Merdeka
93050 Kuching Sarawak
Telephone: +6082412100
Facsimile: +6082237400
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.aimanbatangai.com

Contact Person (Sales)

Title: Mr
First name: Jerry
Last name: Chong
Designation: Sales Manager
Handphone: +60173538860