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Roxy Sematan Kanopi

Roxy Sematan Canopi is a relaxing modern hotel, set between Sematan peaceful town and the silence of Telok Melano village, offering a scenic car ride of 1 and a half hour from the bustling City Kuching. On entering Roxy Sematan Canopi, you will immediately sense its peaceful atmosphere. This beach front hotel offers a breathtaking view, contrasted to its majestic setting of the ocean and the Talang Talang island.

Other than a breath taking view, Roxy Sematan Canopi provides plenty of activities happening at all times during the day, such as E-Bike, Scooter, volleyball ,beach football table tennis or even enjoy a picnic by the beach.

If food and relaxation is what you’re craving, with a wide range of food and beverage choices, Cha Cha Moon Seafood Restaurant is here with the astonishing vistas of South China Sea. Your stay here will be anything but dull.

Venues & Accommodation Details

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Company information

Company Name: Roxy Sematan Kanopi
Business Type: Catering / Restaurant / Lounge and Bar
Address: Lots 7, 8, 9, 44 & 45, Pueh Land
94100 Sematan Sarawak
Telephone: +6082-241414
Facsimile: +6082-421414
Website: http://roxyhotelkuching.com.my/roxy-sematan-canopi/

Contact Person (Sales)

Title: Mr.
First name: Willington
Last name: Naya
Designation: Hotel Manager
Handphone: +6016 368 3461