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Driving the World’s Knowledge-Centric Economy

Empowering meetings and conferences is arguably one of the most raised topics among Associations and meeting planners leaving many wondering if there is a bigger picture to all that input ...
Infographics - Performance Analysis

BESarawak Secured RM101 million and 2 Awards in 2018 Performance

Business Events Sarawak has proven its worth in gold with its performance for 2018, securing a staggering RM101 million into Sarawak’s economy from direct delegate expenditure alone. In light with the Redefining ...
Sarawak Museum, April 2019

World-Class Museum to attract Business Crowds with Ambitious Minds

Business events planners should keep an eye on the upcoming 246-feet high architectural wonder in Kuching ready by 2020. Dating back to 1891, the original Sarawak Museum has been touted as ...
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Business Events Empowers Community through Innovation

Kuching, 19 March 2019: Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB) with its Legacy Impact Programme, aims to empower the local community; in particular, the future generation. Continuing the efforts of the award-winning ...

Sarawak’s Big Win at the Prestigious BrandLaureate CSR BrandLeadership Award 2018

Kuala Lumpur, 20th December 2018: The Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB) has been awarded the BrandLaureate CSR BrandLeadership Award 2018. The prestigious ceremony took place at Kuala Lumpur’s Majestic Hotel where ...

砂拉越会议局(SCB)目标在深圳展望 -商业会议和奖励旅游

(深圳2018年12月21日讯 ) 砂拉越会议局对关于深圳商业会议和奖励旅游的展望表示非常乐观,当局参加由砂拉越旅游局(STB)在中国深圳所举办的商务联谊会议时表示。砂拉越旅游局所举办的商务联谊会议在2018年12月19日和20日进行。此次在JW豪华酒店所举办的会议恰好与“砂拉越旅游" (VSC)启动仪式在2018年12月19日下午同期进行。 此项活动志在以品牌为目标,将砂拉越州打造成游客探讨人文,冒险、自然界、美食和文化节日(马来西亚最大州属的特色)的目的地。古晋—砂拉越州的首都和必经之道,是游客在一个全新的世界体验。配上活动引人注目的标语“More to Discover”(无尽的探索),“砂拉越旅游年”的启动希望能扩大特别是广东游客数量。现在砂拉越州-从深圳直飞古晋只需要4小时(一个星期4趟)可以说是达到此目标的优势,同时这也是砂拉越会议局推广商业会议和奖励旅游至关重要的因素。   商务联谊会议除了取得砂拉越州旅游、艺术、文化、青年及体育部的同意,同时也得到砂拉越旅游联合会(STF)会员和砂拉越会议局(SCB)的支持。这两天的活动推动了马来西亚旅游业界的朋友们积极参与商务洽谈会(Business to Business)的对话;同时砂拉越也集体承诺倡导砂拉越州独特的旅游吸引力及创造商业活动机会。   砂拉越会议局首席营运员Amelia Roziman对未来砂拉越州的旅游推广表示非常积极。她说:“砂州的创意旅游主动去点燃新战略联盟成了深圳和砂拉越的桥梁是让我们全体感到非常兴奋的。在砂拉越会议局的能力范围之内,我们决定支持通过商业活动来促进伙伴关系。因为这将大大增加高于旅游的收益,例如带入新的外汇、合作、商誉、国际品牌及国家之间的知识转移。”   为了配合深圳的商务联谊会议,SCB为来自深圳的40人 、80人 、150人或以上的组合推出独家优惠的商业会议和奖励旅游配套。这个诱人的增值配套 (value add)仅提供给在2019年8月31日之前提交要求的组合,旅行有效期仅从即日起至2019年12月31日。   SCB鼓励行业合作伙伴开发吸引人的商业会议和奖励旅游配套。为了启动您的商业活动路程和揭开SCB随时可启用的协助,请前往http://businesseventssarawak.com/。为了配合“砂拉越旅游年”-“More to Discover”,请不要错过砂拉越州的优惠。想要获取更多有关信息,请浏览https://sarawaktourism.com/  

Sarawak Targets Shenzhen Prospects for Corporate Meetings and Incentives

Shenzhen, 21st December 2018: Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB) is aggressive in its pursuit in its acquisition of Shenzhen prospects for corporate meetings and incentives as it joins Sarawak Tourism Board ...
The group at ICAAS 2018

SCB’s Inaugural Agriculture Familiarisation Trip 2018 Cultivated Awareness of Sarawak’s Agriculture Potential

Kuching, 16th November 2018: The 5-day inaugural Agriculture Familiarisation Trip (Agri-Fam) 2018 which took place between 21st-25th October 2018 was organised in conjunction with the International Conference on Agriculture and ...

Business Events to Advance Sarawak’s Agriculture Growth

Kuching, 17 October 2018: Sarawak Convention Bureau will help spur the state’s agriculture sector growth by leveraging on Business Events through its dedicated associate platform for government ministries and agencies ...
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Sarawak Government Assures Commitment in supporting Business Events

Kuching, 27th August 2018: The Government of Sarawak will enhance the state’s social infrastructures and facilities to support the growth of Business Events (meetings, incentives, conferences, incentives) sector. Sarawak’s Chief Minister ...