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Challenge Your Inner Warrior at Sarawak’s first ever Tribal Warrior Challenge

Kuching, 28th July 2017: Charging full steam and all cannons blazing into Kuching on 19th August is the exhilarating obstacle course event, the pioneering Tribal Warrior Challenge (TWC), held in conjunction with Sarawak’s year-long revolutionary campaign for Business Events (BE), Redefining Global Tribes (RGT).


The first of its kind in Sarawak, the Tribal Warrior Challenge (TWC) is open for public registration at www.tribalwarrior.my, and is the brainchild of both the Sarawak Convention Bureau and its innovative partner, Borneo Tru Events, which sits at the helm of the execution of TWC.

“Tribal Warrior Challenge is a physical and mental teamwork event that will challenge the participants to push their personal limits and possibly rediscover a new meaning of the values Unity, Community and Identity, which are also the values of Sarawak’s latest destination campaign Redefining Global Tribes,” Amelia Roziman, Chief Operating Officer of the Sarawak Convention Bureau.

TWC will offer to the public two categories for warriors of all fitness levels, such as the ‘Rite of Passage’ – a 7km race for families and individuals who wish to test their mettle – or the ‘Headhunter’, a 10km race designed for serious fitness enthusiasts.

Terence Lim, General Manager of Borneo Tru Events, said “The course will be set within the beautiful landscapes of Borneo. In designing the Tribal Warrior Challenge, which is the first of its kind in Sarawak, we wanted to package it as a completely unique, wholesome and unforgettable experience set against unique panorama!”

Borneo Tru Events, one of the key players of the BE sector in Sarawak, distinguishes itself from the pack with an impressive portfolio of signature high-impact and adrenaline-inducing events – including the Kuching International Bike Week 2015 attended by over 1,000 participants.

The Tribal Warrior Challenge obstacle race coincides with the Redefining Global Tribes familiarization trip in in mid-August 2017 which welcomes 100 experts from national and international associations, academia, corporate, media and convention ambassadors in the Business Events industry will converge and be part of the showdown.

For more information about the Redefining Global Tribes campaign, email [email protected] or call 082-242516, and to find out how you can join the Tribal Warrior Challenge, head down to www.tribalwarrior.my.