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Sarawak’s International Convention Scholarship Award to grant up to RM10,000.00

Kuching, 11th June 2018: Sarawak is looking to award grants of up to RM10,000.00 to fund travel, accommodation, association membership and convention registration fees to successful applicants under the International Convention Scholarship Award (ICSA).

Initiated by Sarawak Convention Bureau (SCB), this instalment of ICSA has issued grants to over 40 business events ambassadors since its inception in 2008 to enable Sarawakians to attend conferences around the world, resulting in an influx of knowledge to the state as well as to their respective professions.

Chew Chang Guan, SCB’s General Manager of Government & Industry Relations remarked that this is the best opportunity to be elected as Sarawak’s ambassador for Business Events.

“Successful applicants will be able to learn new ideas or knowledge from their particular fields. Not only would they be able to make extend their professional networks in a global scale, they would also play a vital role in developing Sarawak’s respective sectors and spur advancement,” continued Chew.

Under the Bureau’s national flaghip “BESarawak” platform, the ICSA is part of the Awarding element; one of 3 main prongs to empower the state’s Business Events sector towards new heights of professionalism and excellence. It also coincides with the famed Anak Sarawak Awards, a biennial event to acknowledge the contribution of industry partners and conferences hosts.

In order to qualify for the ICSA, applicants would need to be a Sarawakian, a permanent resident of Sarawak, or possess a Sarawakian working permit. The choice of convention is to be held from 1st October 2018 to 31st December 2019, able to rotate among different destinations, and have the possibility of being hosted in Malaysia.

The application deadline is 31st July 2018.

“We are committed to help our members of our local community to build their network internationally in their field of interest,” commented Dylan Redas Noel, SCB’s Head of Industry Development and Project Manager for ICSA.

ICSA, initiated under SCB’s BESarawak: Awarding platform will also be congregating past scholarship winners with top-tier association decision makers, industry partners, global and national media, and government officials at the Business Events Tribal Meet (TriBE) 2018 in August 2018.

Application form can be downloaded from http://businesseventssarawak.com/v2/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/ASA-ICSA_FIN_20180805.pdf. For further information, please contact Dylan Noel ([email protected]) or Chew Chang Guan ([email protected]) at +6082 242516.