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There are new worlds to be discovered in Sarawak, whether you’re organising a big international convention or hosting a dedicated workshop for a niche of professionals. Find out all about Sarawak and what we have to offer for your event.

Getting Around

Although rivers-transport remains as the main form of transportation in inner Sarawak, an extensive road network links major towns and cities in Sarawak and even across the borders into Sabah and Kalimantan (Indonesia). All the major cities are linked by MAS and AirAsia flights, which also service smaller towns like Limbang and Lawas, and over 30 rural hubs including Mulu, Bario and Ba’Kelalan.

Getting around the town is easy. In general, taxis and car rentals are easily available. In Kuching, “Sampan” or boat services are available on the iconic Sarawak River.

By 2016, you can say hello to a newcomer on the Kuching Riverscape. The State Government is investing in the development of Water Taxis from Kuching Waterfront to Borneo Convention Centre Kuching and other tourist attractions. It covers 10 nautical miles and each trip takes less than 20 minutes. The Water Taxis will also be equipped with GPS and comfortable seats.