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What can you do for your conference, convention or workshop? In Sarawak, where 21st Century technology meets Old World charm, the sky’s the limit. Here are some suggestions on incentives, theme parties and itineraries from us.

Incentives Ideas

To tour in Sarawak is to recharge the Sarawakian way. We offer diverse options for incentive programmes, team-building, pre- and post tours and themed event programmes. Here are just a few to choose from.


Sarawak is a land of rivers, an expanse of water contained by river formations and absorbed by rainforest roots. Paddle along rivers, through river mouths and even out into the South China Sea. Get up close to nature in her rawest form. You will get a chance to take a peek at wild proboscis monkeys perched on their treetop dwellings. Prefer the open sea? Push through breakwater to kayak with dolphins in the open ocean. Kayaking adventures can be as mild or as tough as you want them to be, and are completely safe. Professional kayakers lead every expedition. Perfect for groups of 8 to 40 people; get an expedition tailor-made for your group after your convention.


History tells of warring tribes who fought one another to their death over territory, pride and historical enmity. To divert such lusty energy away from violence, the colonial authorities created a competition of war boats on the river. Only the fastest and strongest rowers will win glory and honour for their tribe. And so the Sarawak Regatta was born in the 1800s, forever an important part of Sarawak history for its role in ending tribal hostilities and bringing harmony to Sarawak. Today, on Regatta Day the Sarawak River brims with longboats, traditional war-boats, water-taxis, dragon boats, modern kayaks; rowboats of all colours, make and design, all for one purpose – to race each other in the name of unity and fun. The Regatta is held in September every year.


Master chefs are trained, not born. If culinary preparation tickles your fancy, imagine bringing traditional Sarawak cuisine home with you in the form of a recipe you have personally learned to prepare. Impress folks back home. Special cooking tours can be organised for delegate groups, right from shopping for ingredients at rustic local markets to the secrets of producing a perfect manok pansuh (bamboo chicken).
A local chef will be at hand to give each team a master class in Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu or local fusion recipes. At the end of the class, each participant will be presented with a booklet of local recipes, a surprise souvenir and a one-of-a-kind certificate.


Tee off 1,000m above sea level in the lofty coolness of the mountains. Forty-five minutes from Kuching is Borneo Highlands, a rainforest golf course designed with R&R in mind for the golf-lover. A 72-par, 6,247-metre2 course awaits the delegate golfer in the only green in the world surrounded by jungle and on top a mountain plateau, challenging the avid golfer to best their game. Competitions and special events can be specially designed to suit your needs. Soak away the stress and tension of city life, pamper yourself with a full jungle spa after your tee-off and enjoy in the majesty of the real jungle outside your window. True to their promise of nature and all things natural, only quality organic food is served at the Borneo Highlands Resort


Healthy team-building is about building bonds in the midst of competition. And while you’re at it why not do something meaningful, like bringing a smile to a child in need? Teams are set a task of assembling bicycles for children in need while working their way through a trail of clues only found in Sarawak. All skills will be employed, from mechanical know-how to an eye for photography. A picnic lunch is served before the bikes are delivered to the selected children’s charity. The activity requires a fair amount of physical exertion.  For a full-day session this can be combined with other team activities such as go-karting. Teams of three compete to complete as many laps as possible within the one-hour challenge. The day ends with a barbecue dinner for all.


Take a lesson with the best teacher in the world. Teams get on a school bus to Mother Nature’s own playground, whether beach or forest. Class starts the moment they step out of the bus. The corporate world might be all concrete and dollars, but without a functioning natural environment, life cannot survive. Learn how Mother Nature makes the world go round, and that includes the corporate world!
Win prizes and competition for being the best students in class.


WA_HEEE_YA!! Remember the Angry Birds? Think you’re too old for them or they’re too silly for you? Well think again because we guarantee a barrel of laughs and fun when we bring you this game, life-sized and bigger than you can imagine! Teams will build a giant catapult from scratch. No tools or hardware, just simple ingenuity and lots of teamwork. There is definitely a sense of urgency because the first team to hit the target wins! Now here’s the catch, each team is given three chances to hit the target, or else, an elected team member has to use himself or herself as a human catapult. For a full day session, this game can be combined with other beach activities such as football or volleyball to encourage camaraderie and teamwork between colleagues.


It’s a race against time. Race your way through making Sarawak’s kuih-muih, the traditional tea-time cakes, biscuits and snacks so many Sarawakians love. Set in the rustic surroundings of the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV), delegates are divided into teams where each will be given a clue that will lead them to a set of tasks at hand. Teams will have to visit 4-5 traditional houses in SCV to recreate the traditional biscuits and cakes, also known as kuih. The SCV staff will first show the teams how to make the kuih, and after that, the teams will try their hand at making these traditional delicacies to the staff’s satisfaction. Winners will be judged on creativity, taste and presentation, and the time it took them to complete the race. The race can be tailor-made to accommodate a range of different tasks within SCV to suit every event or group preference. A fun and unique activity, everyone is sure to have an amazing time!


“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”. There are at least 27 different main cultures in Sarawak, each unique and woven in relationship with the next. A trip to Sarawak is a time to explore as much of the cultures available. Teams of delegates will get hands-on experience as they engage in a series of cultural challenges, from ‘Dress Me Up’, ‘Bead Me Up’ to ‘Blow It Out!’ Starting with ‘Dress Me Up’, teams will be given a photo of a tribal costume and they will then have to find the matching accessories and attire to dress up their ‘model’. In ‘Bead Me Up’, experience the delicate beading techniques that go into making that gorgeous bracelet or necklace – who knows, you may get to keep one as a souvenir! In ‘Blow It Out’, teams have to hit a set number of targets using the blowpipe. Channel your inner warrior and declare your allegiance to the tribe in these fun activities that will guarantee you an exciting time!