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What can you do for your conference, convention or workshop? In Sarawak, where 21st Century technology meets Old World charm, the sky’s the limit. Here are some suggestions on incentives, theme parties and itineraries from us.

Pre and Post Tour Ideas

7 Ecosystems in 70 Feet

Screeching monkeys, striped piglets, and fluorescent green snakes; Welcome to Bako National Park! Literally, from the beach to the low plateau, nature enthusiasts get to see seven different forest types in quick succession. Bako is the perfect introduction to Sarawak’s forest and wildlife and is home to a wide range of vegetation, jungle streams, waterfalls, interesting plant life, trekking trails and coastlines covered with small bays, coves and beaches.

Pass the Banana, Please!

Distance is never a barrier for the adventurous at heart. For a walk on the wild side, Batang Ai National Park is the place. Located 250km away from Kuching and sitting at the border of Sarawak and Kalimantan, Indonesia, this was the last area to come under the control of the White Rajahs. There was much resistance from the Ibans, resulting in a massacre of 800 of them. Batang Ai National Park is home to the last viable populations of wild orangutans in Sarawak. There is a good possibility of seeing wild orangutans. However orangutan sightings should be regarded as a bonus not as a guaranteed experience.

Orangutan Sanctuary – Kayaking in the Rainforest – Annah Rais Longhouse

A combination of three exciting tours, this is a day when delegates can meet the ‘Man of the Forest’, paddle along the upper Sarawak River and visit a Bidayuh longhouse with a hot spring all in one day. Visitors to the longhouse will be able to view the villagers in their daily routine like rice pounding and winnowing, basket and mat weaving and bamboo carving, among others.

Miri – Niah

Start from the most vibrant city in northern Sarawak, Miri; overnight there and then make your way to the site of Southeast Asia’s oldest civilisation at Niah Caves. Archaeological digs have dated human occupation of the caves to at least 35,000 years old. Niah is also famous for its edible birds nest found high-up in the caves, about 300 ft from the ground. In the Painted Cave, see prehistoric wall drawings as well as the preserved remains of the people who once called the caves home.

Miri – Mulu

Spend a night in Miri before hopping on a flight to Mulu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the world’s largest cave chamber and the world’s most extensive cave systems. Walk the Headhunter’s Trail towards the Pinnacles, razor sharp limestone formations that point at the sky. Watch the exodus of millions of bats from the dim caverns at dusk. There is only one difference between you and the explorer of old: you can leave your footprints behind in a jungle adventure and retire at the Marriott Mulu Resort for a jungle resort experience.

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