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What can you do for your conference, convention or workshop? In Sarawak, where 21st Century technology meets Old World charm, the sky’s the limit. Here are some suggestions on incentives, theme parties and itineraries from us.

Theme Party Ideas


Head-hunting in 21st Century Sarawak can be a fun affair in a real Iban longhouse, especially if it is designed and developed by the SCB team specially for your purpose. Delegates get to revel in the rhythm of traditional music, amidst strings of dancing maidens in traditional costumes. Tuak (rice wine) flows freely and a traditional blessing ceremony, miring, is performed by the headman to usher in good tidings for all. Celebrate your convention with a dinner on the ruai (longhouse verandah) and the ngajat (traditional dance).


Be kings and queens for a day, or as we say in Sarawak, “Rajah and Ranee”. Sarawak has a past as if written from the annals of a fairy tale. The reign of the “White Rajahs” started in 1841, when parts of Sarawak was given to the British adventurer, James Brooke, in return for his aid in fighting piracy and insurgency. Sarawakians take great pride in this legacy. Re-live history with a colonial-style White Rajah party on the banks of the Sarawak River. Experience classic British dinner parties of old at one of Kuching’s Brooke-period buildings, accompanied by live music from that era under the tropical sky, under the lush boughs of rainforest trees at the Rajah’s own backyard.


Have a cocktail in a cave, à la the largest cave chamber in the world, to be precise. Welcome to Mulu, home of caves so immense they can fit eight jumbo jets, wing to wing. There are caves that look like the surface of alien planets, and caves with water so clear you could spot a freshwater prawn swimming at the bottom. Fancy meeting a fairy in a cave? Fly south to Kuching and sit with fairies in Fairy Cave, where natural formations in the shapes of Chinese deities give it its name. Come dine under Sarawak’s natural rock formations. We’ll bring the traditional band along. Nothing beats the marriage of the haunting sape with an outing to Sarawak’s caves.



Kuching’ means ‘cat’ in the Malay language, so it is no surprise that it prides itself to cats and cat-lovers. Cat statues adorn city landmarks, giving it a funky quirkiness that is both fun and full of character. So why not throw a cat theme party at the grounds of the cat museum and have guests dress up in cat masks, feline tails and all manner of ‘cattiness’. There is no better place in the world to celebrate the hit musical ‘Cats’ with ‘catty’ fashion shows, ‘Cats’ theme events and human felines slinking around in whiskers and costumes.


There is always magic in the deep wilds of nature. Create enchantment in a magical adventure through the Sarawak rainforest, where giant tree men roam by streams where meowing frogs swim and dream- like creatures come to life? Journey in the land where headhunters once wandered and experience the magic that is Sarawak. The Magic Mirror will lead your event in a specially chosen venue that has been transformed into an enchanted rainforest. There, delegates will savour a special menu of local delicacies such as midin (jungle fern) and manok pansuh (traditional chicken stew) prepared by a local chef. They will drink the elixir of life from an enchanted goblet. To relive the magic all night long, live music and performances from local entertainers will get your feet tapping and onto the dance floor in no time!


In this night, and in this hour,
I call upon the ancient power,
O bird of might, and consort bright,
I ask thee now to bring thy light,
A sacred place, a world apart,
Where enchantment births and magic starts,
The Mystic Kenyalang of Borneo takes flight…

The spirit of the ancient headhunters lives on in the Sarawak of today. The adage, “agi idup agi ngeleban” (“we will fight to the end‟) burns strong within us. Awaken the warrior within in tribal festivities that honour warriors. This is our Sarawak Hornbill Festival. A tribal village is recreated, complete with villagers and rainforest setting. Delegates will take part in traditional games of valour and skill. Or, you could sit back and watch, or enjoy a typical village market scene.



For over 10 years, the Rainforest World Music Festival has earned international accolades and recognition for bringing together the best world musicians from around the globe for a massive jamming session and accompanying workshop in the rainforest of Sarawak. Every July, the foothills of Mount Santubong resonate with musical soul and passion as world-class musicians from four continents play to their hearts’ content to an international audience at the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV). Fancy a private concert? Arrangements can be made for the visiting musicians to perform, or conduct a special workshop just for your guests. Accommodation and food are all taken care of at the surrounding international beach resorts.


Jazz comes alive in Borneo as the spirit of New Orleans, with a tribal twist, comes to Sarawak at the Borneo International Jazz Festival. It’s time to groove with rhythms and blues in the comfort of your group’s private hospitality suite, recreated in the décor of the ‘Big Easy’, but in a rainforest setting. Alternatively, recreate your own mini Borneo International Jazz Festival complete with live music in an outdoor setting that is guaranteed to jazz up your evening!


Be the ultimate Survivor in this themed dinner from the popular reality show. Delegates are welcomed with garlands by native torch-bearers dressed in native costumes. Sarongs and headgear are the dress code for the night as the evening kicks off with a procession to the bonfire where the tribal chief will conduct a welcoming ceremony. Then, the BBQ feast begins! After dinner, traditional games are played to foster camaraderie while local entertainers set the ambience of traditional music and dance.


In Sarawak, we love our food. In this theme party, delegates are immersed into Sarawakian gastronomic culture where food and rambunctious street stalls are the norm of the night. Get to know the regional influences of spices and recipes that have infused themselves into Sarawak cuisine over the centuries. Dance the poco poco as you indulge your palate to the diversity of local flavours.



Never mind the strange language. This is as authentically ethnic Sarawak as one can get. Break out and explore the spirit of Sarawak. Take a short flight from Miri to Mulu National Park. Besides its impressive caves and wildlife, Mulu is the homeland of the Berawan people. Take a walk on the wild side and enjoy traditional umai, a type of salad; sambal, the traditional salad dressing and  of course, tuak or rice wine. Let delegates immerse themselves in the Orang Ulu’s magical story-tellers. After dinner, before the evening ends, delegates will be escorted through the rainforest back to the hotel by Berawan warriors to the tune of the Orang Ulu song, “LeLeng”.


The Sarawak Museum was built in 1891, and is the oldest museum in Southeast Asia. The British rulers of the day intended for it to house and display local crafts and specimens collected by naturalist, Alfred Wallace. In this theme party, for one night only, the Sarawak Museum opens its doors after hours, allowing delegates to re-live the past and experience the rich legacy of Sarawak’s colourful history. The evening begins with a cocktail event on the museum grounds under the stars, followed by a guided night tour of the Museum proper, ending with a dinner set among ancient relics inside the Museum’s main gallery.



The Malays are a gentle, friendly folk, traditionally a people who lived by the coast and fished the seas for a living. A stay in Malaysian Borneo is seldom complete without a taste of traditional Malay culture. Delegates will experience the true hospitality of the Malay community in this theme party. Be welcomed into the Malay home with a traditional foot-washing ceremony at the threshold. On the floor of the dining area, a full spread of Malay cuisine awaits the hungry delegate. Eat to your heart’s content, but not with eating utensils. Half the fun is in eating with your hands, Malay style.  Spend an evening in the life of a traditional Malay kampung and see the world from the Malay perspective, just for one night.


Indian culture prevails even in this faraway corner of the world. Delegates get the opportunity to experience one of the oldest cultures in the world by way of Kuching’s Indian community. Centuries ago, Indian traders were known to stop by this part of Sarawak via Santubong, using it is as a port of call through the Spice Islands. Intricately designed Hindu temples are found throughout Sarawak, often tucked in discreet corners in unexplored parts. Be honoured guests at an Indian temple and enjoy the colours of India in Sarawak and join in a traditional Indian meal. The display of painstakingly created rice art is a sight to behold, so get the camera ready!


The deep sea oil industry is an important one in the history of Sarawak. Sarawak’s central and northern regions are the sources of Sarawak’s black gold. Oil rigs dot the South China Sea off of Sarawak’s shores. In this theme party, life on the oil rigs and adventures in the high seas are recreated on dry land, as if delegates have been transported out to an oil rig in the middle of the ocean. Waiters don full oil-rigger garb and dinner is ‘off-shore’ style – in aluminium foil and all manner of utensils rigged up for the theme. The digging for oil party can happen in the locale of your choice. We bring the oil rig right to your doorstep.


“And the Oscar goes to……”

Delegates are the stars in this posh recreation of Hollywood and the Academy Awards. With the tropical rainforest as backdrop, and the chirping of crickets as symphony, delegates step out of their limos onto the red carpet and are greeted by adoring fans. Paparazzi clamour to take photographs and newshounds rush for the interviews with the stars of your convention. Welcome to Hollywood in Borneo. Head for the glam dinner and the Oscar Party afterwards. It’s star treatment all the way.


It ain’t fun till someone or something gets mucky. The Original Carwash is as original a place as any place can be. Have your group picked up at the hotel in a mucky van that needs a good wash. Twenty minutes later, everyone arrives at The Original Carwash, where cool people hang out and equally cool (but mucky) cars get hosed down. Amble across the hip establishment and be treated to a Sarawak fusion dinner of international standards in the theme of all things carwash. Be the first in your circle to say you did it all at The Original Carwash in Kuching, Borneo.


The name’s Bond. James Bond.

This mission, should you decide to take it, will see you take on the best of Sarawak spies in exploits of espionage at the Casino Royale. You are to dress to the nines, no weapons please (metal detectors!) and arrive at your destination in the designated sports car. Make sure you swagger so all who see may swoon.
Cocktail and dinner will be served along with the fun and games. This is the opportunity for you to dress up, Secret Agent Bond. Live and let live, never say die and mum’s the word. Now get going!

… This text will self-destruct in 30 seconds……..


Love is in the air as you romance the tropics on the Love Boat, floating down the Sarawak River on a balmy evening. What could be more perfect for a little post-conference R & R? The Love Boat theme party has angels and cupids waiting on delegates with love potions and love treats. Play love-themed games like “The Best Pick-Up Line”, “Love At First Sight”, “The Act of Love” and more as you wind your way towards a candle-lit evening on deck. Love is hungry work. A BBQ dinner awaits as love tunes from the live band starts.


What’s it like to be in the world’s largest cave chamber? Better still, what’s it like to have a cocktail in a cave? When it comes to giant caves, Mulu National Park has it all. Take a gander at the rock profile of Abraham Lincoln at Deer Cave, follow an underground river through Clearwater Cave, whose crystal clear waters mask the depths of the river running through it. Take in the amazing formations of King’s Chamber. Fly south to Kuching and sit in with fairies in Fairy Cave, natural formations in the shapes of Chinese deities. Or listen to the song of the wind in Wind Cave. Have a cocktail at the caves, on us. We’ll bring the band along. The traditional band, of course. Nothing beats the marriage of the haunting sape with an outing to Sarawak’s caves.


The environment needs all the help it can get. Going green should be a way of life in this day and age. Take that step with our help as we shade your world green with an evening of environmentally themed games, wholesome food and earth-friendly products. Designed to create awareness on environmental conservation and the use of sustainable materials in the MICE industry, this theme party is a must for the environmentally conscious.



The ancient pharaohs reigned victories over their kingdoms for centuries. Walk like an Egyptian in Sarawak as we recreate a night of the pharaohs’ victory with a feast to celebrate your delegates and convention. There will be spectacular displays by fire-eaters, Egyptian kings and queens, pyramids and even mummies! The night begins with a grand procession of pharaohs who will welcome you to the feast of kings, flanked by belly dancers and magicians. Have your future predicted by the tarot card readers roving around or just soak in the ambience and play dress-up at the photo booth with a mummy or two in the background.