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Gearing Up For The Expedition

Gear up for adventure in corporate expeditions right at the doorstep of one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests. Discover a wide selection of venues, conference support services, and much more.

Convention Bidding

SCB, we are committed to provide full support when bidding takes place for an event in Sarawak. SCB and our bidding partners will manage the bidding process from start to finish, including strategy development, liaison and communications.

Bidding Details

SCB helps meeting planners:

  • Create bid documents with the right tone and style for your target audience
  • Obtain letters of endorsement from high profile individuals
  • Research background literature for convention guests
  • Seek financial support for the purpose of marketing and promotion
  • Obtain in-kind support for bid presentations
  • Coordinate site inspections for decision-makers

Financial Support

Funds are available to non-profit organisations (NPOs), professional societies, associations, foundations and companies. Availability depends on the extent to which the event can reflect the following:

  • Profitability
  • Social responsibility, such as introducing greater research or education
  • Benefit to trade and businesses
  • Positive publicity for Sarawak


The following conditions also apply:

  • The event must be held in Sarawak.
  • The event must attract delegates from outside Sarawak, in particular international delegates.