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Our special programmes include special talks given by Sarawak’s own stars who have made it in their professional worlds, be it the arts, music, business, the sciences and beyond. There’s also our scholarship and appreciation awards. Read on to find out more.

Anak Sarawak Appreciation Award

A much anticipated event of the year, the Anak Sarawak Appreciation Award (ASAA) acknowledges the contribution of convention hosts to the growth of Sarawak’s meetings industry. Since the event’s inception in 2007, local hosts have been recognised for their efforts in bidding for international, regional and national conferences. Every year, SCB creates a theme that surrounds the event and encourages local talent to shine through this initiative.

Today – it is bigger and better! The Anak Sarawak Appreciation Award, Malaysia MICE Journalism Award (MMJA) and International Convention Scholarchip Award (ICSA) are now parked under the umbrella of the ANAK SARAWAK AWARDS; honoring not just convention hosts, but event suppliers and industry partners every 2 years.

Among the new categories to be introduced are:


– Convention of Excellence Award (1 winner)

– Corporate Events of Excellence Award (1 winner)

– Product and Services of Excellence Award (1 winner)

– Meeting Venues of Excellence Award (1 winner)

  1. ANAK SARAWAK JOURNALISM AWARD sub categories are:

– Business Events Journalism Excellence, Print / Online (1 winner)

– Business Events Journalism Excellence, Broadcasting (1 winner)


Are YOU the next Anak Sarawak Awards winner? Click here to apply now and visit www.besarawak.com/home to know more.

2013 Winners

Anak Sarawak Outstanding Achievement Award
– Assoc. Prof. Dr. Margaret Chan, Konferensi Antarabangsa Islam Borneo VI (KAIB VI) 2013, International Conference on ISO & TQM (18-ICIT)- 2014, International Symposium on World Trends in Science and Technology Education -IOSTE 2014, 13th International Sago Symposium 2017
– Ms. Marianne Yee, Asia Pacific Orthopeadic Association Paediatric & Spine Meeting (Aug 2013), ACARM Series of Workshops & Seminars 2013 – Fill Me Workshops & Seminar (Nov2013), Inaugural Combined Asian Aesthetic Conference (May2014), Annual Conference of Society for Design &Process Science (SDPS June 2014)

The Best Supplier of the Year
– CPH Travel Agencies Sdn. Bhd., Mr Oscar Choo

The Best Venue of the Year
– Borneo Convention Centre Kuching, Mr. Paul D’arcy

The Best Incentive Program of the Year
–  Planet Borneo Tours and Travel Services Sdn. Bhd., Ms Mona Abdul Manap

The Best Conference of the Year
–World Clown Association 2013 Convention, Mr Samtee

2012 Winners

Anak Sarawak Outstanding Achievement Award
– Dr. Ravi Chandran, Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Malaysia (OGSM)
– Dr. Lulie Melling, Tropical Peat Research Laboratory Unit

The Best Supplier of the Year
–  Outtabox Event Specialist, Mr Charles Teo

The Best Venue of the Year
– Pullman Kuching, Mr Eric Tan

The Best Incentive Program of the Year
–  Cat City Holidays, Ms Mok Venia

The Best Conference of the Year
–  Nursing & Allied Health Conference 2012, Mdm Margareth Wong Ai Yung

Global Appreciation Award
–  China Peace International Tourism Co. Ltd., Ms Zofia Zhang

2011 Winners

  1. Dr. Chan Lek Lim
    WOOMB International Conference 2013
  2. Ms. Jamie Wang
    ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter Client / Supplier Business Workshop & Asia Pacific Educational Seminar 2012
  3. Dr. Edward Chan Weng Lok
    Asia Pacific Rim International Counselling Conference 2013
    International Conference of World Council for Psychotherapy (Asian Chapter) 2015
  4. The Right Reverend Bishop Bolly Lapok
    Council of Churches East Asia (CCEA) FUll Council Meeting 2011
  5. Dr. Hanafi Sidik
    7th Biennial Cardiopulmonary By Pass Meeting 2012
  6. Prof Dr Ramani Vijayan Sannasi
    Asian and Oceanic Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine Congress 2013 (AOSRA-PM)
  7. Dr. Lam Hon Loong
    Conference of Process Integration, Modelling & Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction 2015 – PRES
  8. Mr. Edric Ong
    International Symposium and Exhibition on Natural Dyes – ISEND 2012
  9. Prof. Liao Chun Hua
    WFAS 2012 Malaysia: Acupuncture, Orthopaedic, Cancer and Education Symposium
  10. Mr. Nick Wright
    IHA 2013 World Congress on Advancing Sustainable Hydropower
  11. Mr. Loh Yang Hui
    9th World Congress of Chinese Medicine 2012 – WCCM
  12. Mr. Jesse Ling Sik Woo
    ETIQA Financial Advisors Association 3rd National Convention 2011
  13. Prof Dr Yunus Alif Gul
    Coloproctology 2012 (10th Malaysian Colorectal Conference 2012)
  14. Dr. Sivaram Venkatarame Gowda
    2nd Global Conference on Enthomology 2013
    5th Global Summit on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants 2013
  15. Dr. Hj Mohamad Farouk Abdullah
    XXIII Asian and Oceanic Congress of Obstetrics & Gynecology (AOCOG) 2015
  16. Dr. Dickson Lukose
    International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Application – DC 2012


2010 Winners

  1. Dr. Lai Weng Kin
    Dr. Dickson Lukose
    Pacific Rim International Conference on Artificial Intelligence – PRICAI 2012
  2. Dr. Goh Pik Pin
    Ms. Amy Yu Bee Ling
    Mr. Loh
    5th National Conference for Clinical Research 2011
  3. Dr. Sharifah Roohi Ahmad
    10th Congress Asia Pacific Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand (APFSSH 2014)
  4. Ms. Jeniece Yong
    Malaysian Society for Surgery of the Hand Annual General Meeting and National Conference 2011 (MSSH)
  5. Mr. Mike Ghasemi
    SME Enterprise Software Technology Conference and Exhibition (SESTECH BORNEO 2010)
  6. Ms. Pauline Peck
    Rwo Shr Health International Conference 2011
  7. Dr. Edward
    Ms. Oon Yin Bee
    International Conference on Cognitive Science-  ICCS 2013
  8. Mr. Nordin Abdullah
    Sustainable Seed Banking Forum
    Malaysia Global Business Forum 2010
  9. Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Nor bin Mohd Desa
    International Conference on Urban Drainage –ICUD
  10. Datuk Norah Tun Abd Rahman
    2nd Oxford Global Islamic Branding and Marketing Forum
  11. Dr. Alvin Yeo Wee
    10th International Workshop on Internationalisation of Products and Services (IWIPS) 2011
  12. Dato’ Abdul Wahab Abdullah
    Ms. Ngui
    Malaysian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (MJCAI 2010) – Knowledge Technology Week 2010 Conference
  13. Mr. Andrew Siow
    Asia Infrastructure 2011 Expo & Conference
  14. Dr. Lee Soon Boon
    The CDA / MDA 69th AGM Malaysia Dental Association Conference and Trade Exhibition 2012
  15. Dr. Lulie Melling
    International Peat Congress 2016
  16. Mr. Daniel Lee
    Mrs. Mina Lee
    Global Conference 2011
  17. Mr. Scott Campbell
    Regional Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Mental and Behavioral Disorders 2011
    4th World Conference in Science and Technology Education 2013
  18. Dr. Noor Azlin binti Yahya
    Best of Both Worlds Conference 2010 (BoBW)
  19. Prof. Madya Dr. Mohamed Yusoff Abbas
    Asia Pacific International Conference on Environment-Behaviour Studies
  20. Mr. Andrew Siow
    The Borneo International Culinary & Hospitality Week 2011
  21. Prof. Dr. Shankar Lal Gargh
    5th International Congress of Chemistry & Environment (ICEE-2011)
  22. Ms. Joyce Loh
    International Women’s Conference 2010
  23. Dr. Harvinder Singh
    ASEAN Otorhinolaryngological Head and Neck Federation ASEAN ORL – HNS Congress
  24. Ir. Jaswindar Singh Bhar
    The Rainforest Strategy
  25. Dr. Noraini Hj Alwi
    9th Asian Pacific Orthodontic Congress – APOC
  26. Mr. Hallman Hj Sabri
    The Asia HRD Congress 2010
  27. Dr. Teh Guan Chou
    19th Malaysian Urological Conference
  28. Datuk Dr. Zukifli Ismail
    14th Asian Pacific Congress of Pediatrics
  29. En. Shaharis Saad
    Borneo Water & Waste Exhibition
  30. Prof Dr. Mohd Kamal Harun
    International Materials Technology Conference & Exhibition (IMTCE 2010)
  31. Dr. Yip Cheng Har
    Asia Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention General Assembly 2012


2009 Winners

  1. Dato Professor Dr. Mustaffa Embong
    Diabetes Asia 2010 Conference
  2. Mr. Dipendra Harshad Rai
    Young Lawyers Conference
  3. Ir. Dennis Ong
    ASEAN Australian Engineering Congress AAEC 2011
  4. Mr. William Ng
    Asia Spa and Wellness Convention 2010
  5. Ms. Perpetua Phang
    Alpha Malaysia
  6. Dr. Philip Jeremiah
    26th Malaysian Society of Nephrology Annual Seminar in Nephrology 2010 – Sarawak
  7. Mr. Sivaram Venkataramegowda
    International workshop on “Conservation of Asian Honeybees”
    2nd World Biodiversity Congress
    4th Global Summit on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  8. Ms. Christina Chia
    Napoleon Hill International Convention (NHIC) 2010
  9. Dr. Ganakumaran Subramaniam
    MELTA International Conference
  10. En. Shaharis Saad
    Water Safety Plans Conference 2010
  11. Mr. Yew Chau Kiong
    Prudential Insurance Mid-Year Conference
  12. Dr. Robyn Napier
    Australian Medical Association of NSW Meeting
  13. Mr. Abdul Ghani Abdul Rahman
    National Renewable Energy Summit 2009
  14. Datuk Prof. Ir. Abang Abdullah bin Abang Ali
    FEIIC World Engineering Conference 2010
  15. Dr. Noor Azlin Yahya
    Urban Forestry and FAO International Meeting
  16. Mr. Colin Wong Hee Huing
    Plant Managers Conference 2009 – PETRONAS
  17. Dr. Noraini Haji Alwi
    16th MAO Scientific Conference and Trade Exhibition
  18. Professor Dr. Akiba Junya
    Asia-Pacific Symposium on Information and Telecommunication Technologies
  19. Mr. Zeya Oo
    1st Symposia on Geology (SGI) “Symposium on Oil, Gas, Coal and CO2 Sequestration”
  20. Mdm. Tan Yoke Hwa
    Malaysian Dieticians Association Scientific Conference 2011
  21. Mr. Alvin Leong
    Treasures of the Rainforest
  22. Dato Mirza Mohammad Taiyab
    PATA Annual Meeting 2010
  23. Dr. Asou Yuji
    International Emergency Unit Conference 2009
  24. Mr. G. Shanmugam
    MIA Regional Conference 2009
  25. Mr. Abel Jaboh
    Gathering of the Tribes Tattoo Convention
  26. Mr. Hussin [email protected] Haw
    Kobe Osaka International Annual Congress
  27. Mr. William Kueh
    Toastmaster District 51 2010 Lutong Convention
  28. A/Prof Dr Nader Nassif Barsoum
    4th Global Conference on Power Control & Optimization 2010
  29. Ir. Dennis Ong
    Shell Malaysia Trading Annual Incentive
  30. Datuk Dr Zulkifli Ismail
    14th Asia Pacific Conference Pediatrics 2012
  31. Mr. Brian Clarke
    Australasian Cave & Karst Management 2010
  32. Tan Sri Dato Dr. Ahmad Mustaffa Babjee
    International Energy Week 2009


2008 Winners

  1. Ms. Angeline Kho
    2nd International Information Management
  2. Ms. Audrey & Mr. Prabu Naidu
    Learning Facilitator Annual IAF Asia Facilitators Conference 2008
  3. Assoc. Prof Dr. Chan Chang Tik
    International Conference on Teaching and Learning
  4. Mr. Dylan Redas Noel
    Asia Pacific Researchers Forum 2008
  5. Mr. Edric Ong, President
    World Eco-Fiber and Textile (WEFT) Forum 2008
  6. Ms. Evelyn Chew
    International Conference of the Girls’ Brigade (ICGB) 2010
  7. Ms. Gracie Veronica Geikie
    2nd Global Geotourism Conference 2010
  8. Mr. Joseph Perianayagam
    Sarawak Rainforest Interhash 2010
  9. Mr. Lawrence Ngu
    19th World Chinese Church Music Conference
  10. Dr. Lulie Melling
    Agriculture Crop Trust 2008 Agronomic Principles & Practices of Palm Oil Cultivation – ACT 2008
  11. Dr. Peter Wong TL
    15th ASEAN Congress of Plastic Surgery & 8th Asia Pacific Craniofacial Association Conference
  12. Mr. Raymond Chok
    11th National Congress of The Federation of Tailor’s Guilds Association 2009
  13. Mrs. Rosalind Wong
    Organic Asia – The Way Forward 2008
  14. Datin Wan Muji Wan Ngah
    Malaysian Sterile Service Association – Annual General Meeting, Conference and Exhibition
  15. Prof. Dr. Wan Sulaiman Wan Harun
    International Symposium and Workshop on Tropical Peatland -Peatland Development-Wise Use & Impact Management
  16. Dr. Wong Swee Kiong
    The 6th International Malaysia Studies Conference (MSC6)
  17. Dr. Lau Hieng Ho
    International Conference of Steel, Aluminium & Composite Structures 2011
  18. Dato’ Haji Mustapha Ma Chi
    18th IFNGO ASEAN N.G.O.’s Workshop & IOGT Alcohol Policy Workshop 2008
  19. En. Zenorai Rambli
    IGU International Gas Union Executive Meetings 2008

2007 Winners

  1. Dr. Zuwali Kifli Bin Merawai
    Asia HRD Congress 
  2. Mr. James Bong
    1st Mandarin Speaking NAMLIFA national conference 
  3. Mr. Albert George
    District 51 Toastmasters international Convention 
  4. Dr. Chang Kam Hock
    1st Biennial international Evidence-Based Nursing Conference
  5. Mr. Wong Fu Toh
    2nd National Toilet Expo and Forum (NATEF) 
  6. Professor Dr Sim Kui Hian
    Malaysia Medical Association AGM and Scientific Meeting
  7. Professor Madya Dr Margaret Chan Kit Yok
    Sarawak Fruit Seminar 2007
  8. Dr. Aruchamy Ramalingam
    Ilizarov Workshop
  9. Mr. Benedict Jimbau
    Mr Albert Teo
    4th Borneo Tourism Conference
  10. Dr. Cecilia Siew
    RWO SHR Health and Bio-energy International Convention
  11. Mr. Wee Hong Seng
    3rd BIMP EAGA Travel Exchange