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Our special programmes include special talks given by Sarawak’s own stars who have made it in their professional worlds, be it the arts, music, business, the sciences and beyond. There’s also our scholarship and appreciation awards. Read on to find out more.

International Convention Scholarship Award


The International Convention Scholarship Award applications are open to all Sarawakians and residents of Sarawak over 21 years of age from educational institutions, private companies, government departments and students of tertiary institutions with support from their university or college. The choice of convention must rotate among different destinations and have the possibility of being hosted in Malaysia.

Successful applicants will receive a grant of up to RM10,000.00 to be used to fund their travel, accommodation, convention registration fee and/or new association membership fee to attend the approved international convention of their choice.

Are YOU the next International Convention Scholarship Award Winner? Click here to apply now.


2014 Winners

  1. Mr. Peter Bong Hon Chiong

International Education and Development Conference 2015, March 2015 (Bangkok,


  1. Dr. Elena Gregoria Chai Chin Fern,

Inter Congress 2015 of the International Anthropological & Ethnological Sciences, July

2015 (Bangkok, Thailand)

  1. Dr. Michelle Lee Hui Lim

6th World Congress on Women’s Mental Health, March 2015 (Tokyo, Japan)

  1. Dr. Dennis Wong Mou Ling

IEEE International Conferences on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, April 2015

(Brisbane, Australia)

  1. Genot Ak Sinel @ Jeannoth Sinel

ASPRS UAS Symposium 2014, October 2014 (Reno, Nevada, USA)


2013 Winners

  1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Voon Boo Ho

International Conference on Materials, Architecture and Engineering (Beijing, China)

  1. Dr. Hamrila Abdul Latip

International Conference on Economic and Social Sustainability 2013 (Tokyo, Japan)

  1. Dr George Ngui Kwang Sing

The Fifth Asian Conference on Education, ACE 2013 (Osaka, Japan)

  1. Dr. Caesar Dealwis

FEL XVIII 2014 Foundation of Endangered Languages Conferences (Canada 2013)

  1. Mr. Brian Loh

9th International Conference on Information, Communication and Signal Processing

(Tainan, Taiwan)

  1. Ms. Chua Lee Chuan

International Consortium for Educational Development (ICED) (Stockholm, Sweden)


2012 Winners

  1. Dr. Ong Puay Hoon
    Rendez-Vous 2012: Community Participation in Education, Research and Service, Thunder Bay, Canada
  2. Mr. Joseph Ramanair
    The 10th Asia TEFL International Conference, New Delhi, India
  3. Mr. Kang Chia Yang
    International Conference on Computer Electrical and System Science and Engineering ICCESSE, Perth, Australia
  4. Dr. Khong Heng Yen
    61st International Congress of the Society for Medicinal Plants and Natural Products Research (GA) 2013, Munster, Germany
  5. Mr. Ting Choo Yee
    IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Manchester, UK


2011 Winners

  1. Mr. Alban @William John Lisen
    65th International Dyslexia Association Annual Conference in Chicago, Illinois (USA)
  2. Ms. Alice Jawan Empaling
    World Water Congress & Exhibition 2012 in South Korea
  3. Ms. Teresa Hii Leh Choo
    60th FCEM World Congress of Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Berlin, Germany
  4. Ms. Jane Chan Ai Nyet
    4th International Conference on Computer Supported Education 2012 in Porto, Portugal
  5. Mr. John Huang Shen Han
    2011 International Design Congress in Taipei, Taiwan


2010 Winners

  1. Dr. William Rovina Nating
    Global Conference of Rabies Control in Seoul, South Korea
  2. Mr. Peter Ho Chiung Ching
    2011 International Conference on Computational Science and Applications in Santander, Spain
  3. Mr. Johan @ Achu Anak Jupaw
    World Congress of Accountant 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  4. Ms. Dayang Hassanah Binti Abang Haji Abu Bakar
    Toastmasters International District 72, Taranaki Convention in New Plymouth, New Zealand
  5. Ms. Siti Rafizah Binti Mohamad Kasiran
    International Construction Law Conference 2010 in Hong Kong
  6. Ms. Rosalind Sia Juo Ling
    11th International Joint World Cultural Tourism Conference in Hangzhou, China
  7. Ms. Constance Chin
    Aix-en-Provence Annual Conference, France


2009 Winners

  1. Dr. Lawrence Tseu Sed Kong
    The 10th International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities (WALK 21 NYC) in New York, USA
  2. Mr. Joe Peter Tukau
    International Conference on Tourism Development and Management, Kos Island, Greece
  3. Ms. Nurul Jameela Nor Mazlan
    Bio-med 2010 Conference in Innsbruck, Austria