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Get to know what the Bureau is all about. Meet the talented team behind the scenes. They are expedition experts who are here to gear you up for a corporate adventure in the rainforest!

Making It Work – The Team Behind the Scenes

Behind every efficient organisation is a team of dedicated individuals whose mission is to turn vision into action. At SCB, the stream of talented individuals is what makes the organisation run like a fine-tuned machine. These are the experts of Sarawak’s convention expeditions, all ready to gear you up for the business  adventure of a lifetime in the rainforests of Sarawak!

Ms. Amelia Roziman, Chief Operating Officer

Amelia is responsible for the development of the Bureau’s strategies, ensuring execution of operational policies, fostering employee alignment with organisational goals, and acts as the top representative at SCB for the Group CEO.

Mr. Chew Chang Guan, General Manager – Government and Industry Relations

Chew runs the Bureau’s Government & Industry Relations Department which consists of Industry Development, Project Liaison, Market Intelligence, Research and Government Relations.

Ms. Jacqueline Png, General Manager – Finance & Administration

Jacqueline is responsible for planning and overseeing the financial, administration and human resource functions of the Bureau.

Marketing and Sales

Business Development

Ms. Anedia Kahar, Head of Business Development

Anedia manages the Bureau’s Business Development unit. She oversees client relations and advances opportunities for Business Events that originate from Malaysia, Asia-Pacific, UK & Europe, the USA, and within Sarawak.

Mr. Donny Tan Yee, Business Development Manager

Donny oversees client relations and advances opportunities for Business Events that originate from the Asia Pacific region and within Sarawak.

Mr. Jason Tan, Business Development Manager

Jason oversees client relations and advances opportunities for Business Events originating from USA, UK, & Europe as well as within Sarawak.

Ms. Weini Tan, Business Development Manager

Wei Ni oversees client relations and advances opportunities for Business Events originating from Australia and West Malaysia in our Kuala Lumpur Office.

Bids and Communications

Ms. Jamie Wang, Head of Bids & Communications

For Bids, Jamie leads SCB production of quality and creative Bid Proposals that secure international and national conventions and incentives, site inspection policies, and sponsorship policies. For Communications, she oversees SCB messages for press, SCB media channels and public relations.

Mr. Jonathan Soon, Senior Communications Executive

Jonathan executes communications work for the public, stakeholders, and press (local and national) for SCB public relations, BESarawak Campaign through SCB’s traditional, digital and social media channels.

Ms. Gloria Pahang, Bid Executive

Gloria assists in coordinating elements related to Bid Proposals, such as administration, site inspections, graphic presentation, products/services updates, and research.

Mr. Aaron Siaw, Bid Designer

Aaron provides professional graphic artwork services for SCB Bid Proposals, coordinates the SCB Photo Library and IT matters, and advises clients on design issues.


Ms. Jemima Rinai Joseph, Senior Marketing Executive

Jemima manages the administration and executive services of the Bureau’s marketing through Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak) campaign.

Ms. Christina Jennifer Chan, Marketing and Sales Assistant

Christina supports the Marketing and Sales department in administration, finance and other support roles needed.

Government and Industry Relations

Mr. Dylan Redas Noel, Head of Industry Development

Dylan is the ‘Go-To’ person for all elements of industry education, outreach, and scholarships. He identifies, develops, and coordinates training programs for BE suppliers in Sarawak.

Ms. Felicia Foo, Head of Project Liaison

Felicia’s role kicks in once the event is confirmed, liaising with all parties linked to the event. She encourages dialogues to drive quality control, repeat businesses, and steer the collective effort towards the event’s success. Felicia is also responsible for development of client response and related reports to those events that are driven through Project Liaison.

Mr. Geoffrey Lee, Head of Customer Relations Management and Market Intelligence

Geoffrey supports the entire SCB team and Business Events (BE) supplier base of the state in the use and management of SCB’s CRM and database facility.


Ms. Elynnie Dominic Jau, Head of Research

Elynnie leads the Research team in market research and securing future business leads from associations, academia, government & industry networks.

Mr. John Unbang, Senior Researcher

John focuses on researching and generating business leads including government and industry market research development.

Ms. Alicia Alias, Research Assistant

Alicia assists in generating business leads, industry & government market research development and is the focal point for Calendar of Events.


Ms. Crystal Phang, Industry Researcher

Crystal focuses on researching and generating business leads from industries addressing the State’s special interests, with a focus on agriculture.

Finance and Administration

Ms. Cho Chui Chui, Finance Manager

Chui Chui is responsible for managing the Bureau’s sponsorship and accounting operations.

Ms. Serena Ong, Administrative and HR Executive

Serena assists with the Bureau’s administration, office management and human resource matters.

Ms. Icelyn Yong, Finance & Accounting Executive

Icelyn assists the Finance Manager in SCB’s sponsorship and daily operation of accounts.

Ms. Kimberly Demi, Executive Assistant to Chairman & Group CEO

Kim provides executive and secretarial support services to SCB’s Chairman and the Managing Director.

Mr. Alex Lidu, Office Assistant cum Driver

Alex is the SCB’s mighty driver, looking after the Chairman – and the Executive Team for their transport requirements, as well as assisting the Bureau with general duties.