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Sarawak’s Post COVID-19 Development Strategy 2030

Sarawak's Aspiration

Our aspiration is, "By 2030, Sarawak will be a thriving society driven by data and innovation where everyone enjoys economic prosperity, social inclusivity and sustainable environment."

The Sarawak Government

The core objectives of Post COVID-19 Development Strategy 2030 (PCDS) are:

  • To change the economic structure by increasing the scale of production to capture efficiencies upstream, increasing downstream activities and growing the services sector to support the primary and secondary sectors’ activities in a sustainable manner;
  • To modernise and increase efficiency driven by both digital and physical connectivity; and
  • To increase household income to GDP share by creating more jobs and encouraging entrepreneurship.

6 Economic Sectors


Manufacturing sector aims to promote Sarawak as the preferred investment destination especially for high-value downstream activities of resource and non-resource based industries, both domestic direct investment and foreign direct investment.


Commercial agriculture sector aims to capitalise on modern farming and global partnerships to accelerate productivity and growth to support higher value-added downstream food processing, especially for export market.


Tourism sector aims to make Sarawak as a leading destination for eco-tourism and business events in ASEAN Region.


Forestry sector aims to be globally recognised in sustainable management of tropical forest and biodiversity conservation while enhancing the rapid growth of timber industry.


Mining sector will explore oil and non-oil mineral resources such as silica sand, rare earth elements (REE) and kaolin clay for high value downstream activities.


Social services aims to provide a high living standard, healthy and inclusive society with affordable and innovative service delivery for Sarawakians.

7 Enablers

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation will empower Sarawak economic sectors to increase its efficiencies and productivity.


Innovation across Sarawak's key economic sectors will enhance productivity, develop new solutions and products for domestic and export markets.

Education & Human Capital

Education and human capital development to increase efficiency of workers and helps economies to move up the value chain.

Basic Infrastructure

Basic infrastructure will provide reliable access to social and economic hubs to meet the short-term needs and preparing the foundation for future growth.


Utility development aims to ensure that the services are provided equitably in a reliable, economical, safe and sustainable manner.


Transportation will provide connectivity to key economic centres efficiently and effectively using low emission technology and adoption of digital solutions.

Renewable Energy

Sarawak aspires to become a regional powerhouse through affordable, reliable and renewable energy, contributing to sustainable growth and prosperity.

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