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Sarawak’s 7 Key Focus Areas

Urban Development / Redevelopment

Sarawak’s expansion of residential areas places high focus on transportation systems and overall accessibility, affordable housing and urban settlements, protection of parks and greenery in residential zones and improving public safety.

Social Development

An integral focus to enrich the social and cultural development by establishing more event spaces for youths and designated centres for cultural studies and preservation. Other areas of focus are to eradicate poverty and enable affordability, improve public welfare outcomes.

Environmental Development

Looking after the environment is a global concern. Being a sustainable destination is now one of Sarawak’s goals and it starts with the use of electric and hydrogen-powered transportation. Other factors include research and development on tropical peat and integrated waste management systems.

Rural Transformation on Agriculture Development

The Rural Transformation Programme (RTP) surrounds its focus on developing rural economies by developing agro-products and services and connecting rural businesses to urban and global markets.

Re-engineering Economic Growth (known as the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy - SCORE)

High-powered focus on industrial development by securing investments, balancing regional development, enhancing entrepreneurial opportunities for indigenous communities and human capital development. Learn more about SCORE at http://www.recoda.com.my

Service Industry

Sarawak is empowering its human capital to improve existing services and develop new ones in the sectors of hospitality, tourism, real estate, government, logistics and other professional services.

Digital Economy

The Sarawak Digital Economy Strategy (2018-2025) is expected to change the business landscape of Sarawak with emphasis on digital infrastructure, digital skills and management. Another is to develop first class cyber security are among the factors to build a sustainable technological ecosystem.

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