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TriBE Digital Campus is a platform to connect Business Event Planners and Partners to cultivate new business opportunities and build a stronger business events community through active engagements and continuous education. Our goal is to:

  • To be a reliable platform for skill capacity development in Sarawak’s business events community through structured educational programmes with opportunities to achieve international accreditation and certification

  • To take relationship-building to another level by establishing a pathway for business events planners and local industry partners to collaborate and create high-impact business events in Sarawak

  • Align with and accelerate Sarawak’s goal to achieve digital economy status via an interactive virtual learning and networking platform for the business events community

What activities can I get involved in on the Campus?

TriBE INNOVATION is the education arm where you can acquire up to date knowledge on relevant topics or sit for internationally accredited programmes. Visit https://tribedigitalcampus.com/innovation/ for more information.

TriBE XCHANGE is the business lead generation section where we want to provide fair and equal opportunities for our BESarawak Partners to cultivate business opportunities. Visit https://tribedigitalcampus.com/xchange/ for more information.

Who can sign up to the Campus?

The Campus community is open to everyone around the world regardless of profession, industry or level of knowledge on business events. We aim to present opportunities for everyone to learn and upgrade themselves.

How can I sign up?

  1. Register as a BESarawak Partner here.
  2. Sign up to the Campus community here.

To get more information on TriBE Digital Campus, visit https://tribedigitalcampus.com/

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