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BESLegacy Initiative

Sarawak has been advocating for convention legacies in Asia Pacific since 2016. Business events are recognised as a driver to empower communities and conserve heritage, culture and biodiversity, promote investment and overall development through responsible actions.

There are four pillars of legacy impacts which are sectoral, economic, political and community. The aspired outcomes of convention-led legacies would be a society that is socially inclusive and economically prosperous on a healthy planet.

The Sarawak Economic Action Council (SEAC) has officially included business events as one of the 10 action points to support and activate legacy impacts under BESLegacy Programme.

To learn more about BESLegacy Initiative, click here to download the BESLegacy Initiative Guideline.


BESLegacy Programme is a unique pathway for conventions and exhibitions to take discussions of change into the real world and create a lasting legacy.

Conventions led by the BESLegacy Programme are far more likely to have an impact on at least two of these four pillars:

Advancing the Field

Building your sector is vital. Expand your network, increase your global visibility and acquire connections with new partners that have the potential to drive innovation for your association or corporate organisation.

Community Benefits

Enrich social communities by addressing today’s challenges and solutions such as healthcare, social welfare, education, heritage and culture among many others. Pair your efforts with CSR initiatives to further strengthen your influence.

Public Policy

Business events can significantly reform public policies, regulations and even determine future legislations that would help to improve Sarawak, Malaysia and beyond.

Economic Outcomes

Legacy Impacts can help to secure vital economic resources to develop your sector and attract new talent to make a bigger impact to your cause.

* According to the 2019 Legacy Impact Study by BESarawak and GainingEdge

BESLegacy Programme

A great reward for any convention is a legacy that cannot be erased.

BESLegacy Programme allows your convention to leave its greatest footprint for sectors, communities, economies and governance. We’re providing extra services to ensure that the government and the wider community knows what you’re doing.

For more information and to find out if your event qualifies, contact Anedia Kahar (Head of Business Development and Research) on [email protected] or call +6 082 242516.

Study on Hosting Conventions in Sarawak

Sarawak is one of the pioneering destinations to conduct a study that measures the intangible values of business events and its impact on our society. The study is a year-long effort that began in mid-2019 between BESarawak, international consultancy group – GainingEdge, and 2 major universities – UCSI University Sarawak and Universiti Teknologi Mara, Sarawak (UiTM).

The results of this study shall be released in 2020.

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