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Calling For Sarawak’s Business Events Heroes For Tribe: Honour’s 10th Anniversary

A victorious win for many of Sarawak’s industry players in TriBE: HONOUR (ASA) 2018

A victorious win for many of Sarawak’s industry players in TriBE: HONOUR (ASA) 2018

KUCHING, December 2019: Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak) by Sarawak Convention Bureau is opening the floor for submissions in conjunction with the 10th Anniversary of TriBE: HONOUR (2018/2019), famously known as Anak Sarawak Awards (ASA), this 2020.

The highly coveted Anak Sarawak Awards (ASA) by BESarawak is the first award in Malaysia that recognises the contribution of convention hosts and industry partners to the growth of the business events (meetings, incentives, conventions & exhibitions) industry in Sarawak.

The categories vying for winners are:

  1. Anak Sarawak Scholarship Awards (Anak Sarawak Young Leader Scholarship Award and International Convention Scholarship Award); raising the bar for young leaders and experienced professionals to participate in international conventions or professional training anywhere in the world
  2. Anak Sarawak Journalism Award (Business Events Excellence for Print/Online and Business Events Excellence for Broadcasting); an appreciation for the broadcasters, journalists, writers and media contributors in generating outstanding content for Sarawak’s Business Events
  3. Anak Sarawak Business Events Awards (Convention of Excellence; Corporate Meetings and Incentives of Excellence; Meeting Venues of Excellence; Products and Services of Excellence); awarding the elite performers of Sarawak’s Business Events scene
  4. Anak Sarawak Outstanding Achievement Award; created to recognise the long-term commitments, contributions and achievements of an individual within the Business Events industry.

Business Events Sarawak’s Chairman, Tan Sri Dato Sri Dr. Muhammad Leo Toyad, mentions that the development of Sarawak and its talents lie in the recognition of their contributions, “Sarawak is on the map for business events today due to the determination, effort and perseverance of our industry players. TriBE: HONOUR is set to honour those who made Sarawak one of the fasting growing in the area of business events.”

Chief Operating Officer of Business Events Sarawak, Amelia Roziman, encouraged the participation of industry players. “Our aim is to grow and develop passionate and driven talents within the industry. By recognising their hard work and achievements, we are on the verge of creating a sustainable Business Events ecosystem. We wish to see Sarawak become an internationally recognised and competitive destination for business events, with a strong well-educated supplier base and a formidable network of local hosts.”

BESarawak is placing extended focus on its Legacy Impact Programme that aims to drive community investment categorised by the 4 pillars of Legacy Impacts: Advancing the Field, Community Benefits, Economic Outcomes and Public Policy. TriBE: HONOUR is a reflection of the first 3 pillars which promotes professional development, personal development and industry development.

Submission opens as of 4 December 2019 until 30 March 2020.

For more information on the submission conditions and deadline for TriBE: HONOUR’s ASA, please contact Gary Chan at [email protected] or call 082-242-516.

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