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Driving the World’s Knowledge-Centric Economy

Empowering meetings and conferences is arguably one of the most raised topics among Associations and meeting planners leaving many wondering if there is a bigger picture to all that input of time and research. How does Sarawak incorporate its three tribal values – community, identity and unity – into its custom-tailored business events for greater value?

Malaysia’s largest state on the island of Borneo is often overshadowed by first-tier destinations. Contrary to belief, this challenge is welcomed by Business Events Sarawak with a revolutionary movement that has stood out far in the ASEAN region and beyond, thus attracting a large number of business events from around the world since its beginnings in 2017. The state is now one of the fastest emerging dark horse in Asia and one of the strongest second-tier destinations in the world.

Business Events Sarawak’s highly-acclaimed Redefining Global Tribes (RGT) campaign is a breakthrough to rally business events communities from around the world to share its common goal in yielding non-economic impacts from meetings and conferences. This would ultimately transform societies and change the social mechanics of the state. The close co-operation and support from the Sarawak Government and local industry players give meeting planners a peace of mind as these important alliances become the backbone when bidding for business events.

Business Events Sarawak and the government have tapped into specific indicators of change namely Urban, Economic, Social, Agriculture and Industrial Development (inclusive of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy), plus Service Industry and Digital Economy. These are best known as Sarawak’s 7 Key Focus Areas that ensure growth boost and impactful actions; pivotal for Associations and the upcoming business events that would be held in Sarawak.

Mirroring the indicators are the 5 pillars of impact beyond tourism outlined by Business Events Sarawak, identified as Knowledge Expansion, Networking, Relationship & Collaboration, Education Outcomes, Fundraising & Future Research Capacity and Raising Awareness & Profiling. These pillars act as weights to optimise and empower every business event, crucial for the growth and evolution of the world’s business events landscape.

So what does this imply? That Associations will drive the knowledge economy. That Sarawak has marked a solid flagpole in determining its aspirations for change in which Associations can leverage from. RGT is not just to gather business events communities but to strengthen new and existing webs to create ultimate impact.

Up until today, the surge of bureaus hoping to reposition their relevance in the sector has never been more apparent, making it a habitual challenge for meeting planners to choose a destination that perfectly matches their objectives while offering a well-crafted plan to boost delegate numbers. It is no surprise that Sarawak is playing a unique deck of cards to give other destinations a run for its money.

Community, identity and unity are the three tribal values that are embedded into Business Events Sarawak’s brand new Redefining Global Tribes – Impact (#RGTimpact) campaign – to boost value into every meeting and conference. Launching at IMEX Frankfurt 2019, the ingenuity is in the handshake between Sarawak Tourism Board and its own respective campaign, Visit Sarawak Campaign, to diversify the values and return of investments in business events. Step aside routine conferences – an adventure is brewing!


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