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Being the capital city of Sarawak, Kuching is the most populous city in the state and the epicentre of business and economy.  Kuching is synonymous with many success stories of collaboration and innovation especially in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, technology, arts and culture among many more.

While the city is popular for its business landscape, it is also known for its tapestry of culture, adventure, nature, food and festivals. Every July marks the world renowned Rainforest World Music Festival where over 20,000 visitors – of all ages – comes to enjoy the best of ethnic music in the rainforest along the coastline of the South China Sea.


BESarawak is highly encouraging of conferences and exhibitions in Sarawak which is why we provide meeting planners with comprehensive financial and non-financial support.

Financial Support

Fundamental support to help ease one challenge of organising your business event.

Convention Bidding

Bid documents are crafted by our bid experts to ensure hassle-free bidding that include letters of endorsement and in-kind support for bid presentations.

Delegate Boosting & Marketing

Get the best attendance by utilising our vast selection of marketing and promotional resources.

Venue & Vendor Selection

We connect you to a network of reliable event professionals and suppliers.

Developing New Business Events

We provide professional advice and guidance to help you develop new events for topics of interest.

To Qualify


Must be held in Sarawak

Programme is for a minimum duration of two (2) days

Must be initiated a minimum of seven (7) months prior to its execution

  • Must be able to attract delegates from outside Sarawak
  • Must be able to attract more than 150 delegates from outside Sarawak
  • Minimum 30 booths from outside Sarawak

For more information, contact Donny Tan (Senior Manager – Business Development) at [email protected] or call +60 82 242 516.


International Airports: 1
Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Number of Hotel Rooms: 5,771




Science, Technology & Engineering

Life Sciences

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Arts & Culture

Environment & Biodiversity


Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) is the largest ISO-standard convention venue in Sarawak with a floor area of 15,200 square metres and a maximum capacity of 5,000 in its plenary hall.


Most nationalities do not require visas for short social or business visits to Malaysia. Passports are usually stamped for three (3) months. Visitors must be in possession of a valid passport or travel document with a minimum validity of six (6) months beyond the period of stay.


Nationals from countries that require a visa can apply through the nearest Malaysian embassy by submitting the following documentation:

  • Visa application form with three (3) passport-size photographs
  • National passport with remaining validity not less than six (6) months
  • Letter of introduction or invitation letter.


Visa applications must be made at any Malaysian Representative Office.

Applications can also be made online through the I-Visa System (Applicable for visitors from People’s Republic of China, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Serbia and Montenegro only).

Apply for a visa here.

The information above serves as a guide and is subject to change. For clarification, please visit https://www.imi.gov.my/index.php/en/main-services/visa/visa-requirement-by-country/ for full information on visas and visa processes.


There are 390 weekly direct flights to Kuching from Kuala Lumpur, 252 domestic flights from other parts of Malaysia, 21 weekly direct flights from Singapore, 14 weekly direct flights from Pontianak and 6 weekly direct flights from Brunei.


Kuching has a wide choice of accommodations to suit all budgets from 5-star resorts and hotels to exceptional guest-houses conveniently located around the city centre. There are over 329 accommodations with over 11,000 rooms available, most within walking distance to major shopping malls, eateries and medical facilities.


Kuching has a selection of highly experienced destination management companies and professional conference organisers to deliver engaging conventions, exhibitions and post-event experiences. 


World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies 2021 International Symposium on Acupuncture-Moxibustion and The 4th World Traditional Chinese Medicine Forum

  • Venue: Borneo Convention Centre Kuching
  • Numbers: 700
  • Event Date: 2021

Congress of the Federation of Asian Veterinary Association (FAVA) 2021

  • Venue: Borneo Convention Centre Kuching
  • Numbers: 1000
  • Event Date: 2021

Men’s Health World Congress (MHWC) 2021

  • Venue: Borneo Convention Centre Kuching
  • Numbers: 900
  • Event Date: 2021

Create your legacy impact in Sarawak

Business events are powerful platforms to bring different groups with different goals together for the realisation of big-picture outcomes. By focusing on making real changes, we create more opportunities for cross-industry collaborations; enhanced community engagement; better policy development; best practices sharing, and other outcomes that focus on solving real problems.

Legacy Impact enables your event to improve the quality of living and make the world a better place. It helps to maximise your investments, diversify your Return on Investments (ROI) and measure your Return on Objectives (ROO).

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