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Sarawak’s capital city of Kuching is a striking place that fuses leisure experiences with personal enrichment in a neo-traditional style. Discover the colonial history of Kuching that lives within its architecture and paddle in the cool waters of Santubong beach, just an hour away from the city.

Every July marks the Rainforest Fringe Festival and the famed Rainforest World Music Festival where festival lovers from around the world gather in a month-long affair to enjoy the arts in a centuries-old rainforest.

There’s a high chance you’ll be in love with Kuching, like many other corporate meetings and incentive groups. Kuching is certainly an experience hotspot.


BESarawak is highly encouraging of corporate meetings and incentives in Sarawak which is why we provide meeting planners with comprehensive financial and non-financial support.

Develop Incentive Programmes and Itineraries

Fundamental support to help ease one challenge of organising your business event.

Financial Support

Fundamental support to help ease one challenge of organising your business event.

Delegate Boosting & Marketing

Get the best attendance by utilising our vast selection of marketing and promotional resources.

Venue & Vendor Selection

We connect you to a network of reliable event professionals and suppliers.


International Airports: 1
Currency: Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Number of Hotels:
Number of Hotel Rooms: 5,771



Most nationalities do not require visas for short social or business visits to Malaysia. Passports are usually stamped for three (3) months. Visitors must be in possession of a valid passport or travel document with a minimum validity of six (6) months beyond the period of stay.


Nationals from countries that require a visa can apply through the nearest Malaysian embassy by submitting the following documentation:

  • Visa application form with three (3) passport-size photographs
  • National passport with remaining validity not less than six (6) months
  • Letter of introduction or invitation letter.


Visa applications must be made at any Malaysian Representative Office.

Applications can also be made online through the I-Visa System (Applicable for visitors from People’s Republic of China, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Serbia and Montenegro only).

Apply for a visa here.

The information above serves as a guide and is subject to change. For clarification, please visit https://www.imi.gov.my/portal2017/index.php/en/ for full information on visas and visa processes.


There are 390 weekly direct flights to Kuching from Kuala Lumpur, 252 domestic flights from other parts of Malaysia, 21 weekly direct flights from Singapore, 14 weekly direct flights from Pontianak and 6 weekly direct flights from Brunei.



Policies and regulations are subject to change according to the current situation. For more information on travelling in today’s circumstances, please visit https://sarawakdisastermc.com/.


Kuching has a wide choice of accommodations to suit all budgets from 5-star resorts and hotels to exceptional guest-houses conveniently located around the city centre. Most are within walking distance to major shopping malls, eateries and medical facilities.


Sarawak Museum Campus (due to open 2021)

The 40,000 square-metre state-of-the-art, interactive museum has dedicated function rooms and an auditorium hall on Level 1 plus exhibition halls on Levels 2 – 5 with a floor span of 6,000 sq. metres. The museum incorporates disabled-friendly features both inside and out such as tactile ground paving and maps for the visually impaired.

Sarawak Cultural Village

The Sarawak Cultural Village is an award-winning living museum on 17 acres of land at the foot of Santubong Mountain. Lawns and cemented grounds can be transformed into large-scale meeting spaces. For smaller groups, the replica longhouses can be turned into an extraordinary function space.

Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Building

Sarawak State Legislative Assembly building is an iconic symbol of Sarawak and seats the State Legislature. The building spans across 172 acres of land with 9 floors of various function rooms. The building overlooks the beautiful Sarawak River and delegates can easily get across to the main city via the newly built Darul Hana bridge.

Old Courthouse

The Old Courthouse, built in 1871, faithfully retains its heritage colonial charm despite being a thriving venue accommodating bars, restaurants and galleries plus a well-equipped auditorium. The gardens, with a sultry display of bougainvillea flowers and other indigenous plants, are something to behold.

Kuching Waterfront Go-Down Mini Amphitheatre

This open space mini-amphitheatre has a seating capacity for approximately 200 persons. The amphitheatre is regularly used for cultural performances, talent shows, product launchings, singing competitions, colouring contests and many more activities.


The Rajah Brooke Experience

Experience the life of Sarawak’s most famous historical figure – James Brooke in this colonial-style Rajah and Ranee party. Host a classic British dinner party at any of the Brooke-period buildings accompanied by live music under purple sunsets and lush sceneries.

Cats Night Out

Why not throw a cat-themed party on the grounds of ‘cat city’ Kuching? Get your face painted like our feline friends and wag your feline tails. Here’s a fun fact – did you know that Kuching went into the Malaysia Book of Records 2018 for having the most number of people dressing up as cats for a day?

Rainforest Music Festival

We’re serious – this is a must do. Replicate the style and vibes of one of the world’s largest music festivals on the grounds of Sarawak Cultural Village. Enjoy a welcoming traditional cultural dance and move to the beats of live sape and drum performances by local ethnic musicians.

Kuching Waterfront Jazz Festival

If you love jazz, you’ll love this. Recreate one of Borneo’s biggest music festivals with live jazz performances in an outdoor setting. Here’s a suggestion – do it by the waterfront where the river meets the tropical sunset. We guarantee you’ll have a ‘saxxy’ night.

Flamin’ Grill BBQ

Imagine a blazing bonfire in the background of a hidden homestay; torch-bearing fire eaters stomping the ground to the beats of traditional drums. This is the exact scene you’ll be getting, plus a BBQ dinner of freshly sourced meats and seafood while sharing stories and enjoying drinks around the bonfire. Perfect team spirit.

Chef’s Table

Sarawak is known for its really good food. Our rendition of Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table’ is a block party of food stalls lining an event space, high street or just about anywhere you fancy. Our Sarawak laksa is Anthony Bourdaine-approved and our kek lapis was featured on ‘Great British Bake Off’. These are just a couple of what our local high streets have on their legendary menus.

Signature Sunset Cruise

The signature sunset cruise on the Sarawak River Cruise is a must-do for all delegates in Kuching. The cruise has been running along the Sarawak River since 1990 with live on-deck entertainment complemented by a tropical sunset that sweeps the roofs of riverside villages and modern architecture. Again, it is a must-do for anyone.


River Safari Kuching

Kayak and raft expeditions will bring out your team’s inner warrior as you explore centuries-old rainforest roots and legendary cave formations along the magical rivers of Kuching. End your day with a BBQ and a glass of tuak (local rice wine) in a traditional longhouse. Professional kayakers will lead every expedition.

Mulu National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and BBC’s Planet Earth feature, Mount Mulu National Park is home to the largest cave passage and underground chambers on Earth. Explore the spectacular biodiversity during the day and witness the extraordinary bat exodus during the late evenings. Take a direct flight to Mulu from Kuching International Airport or Miri International Airport. Settle at the luxurious Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa or the budget-friendly park bungalows.

Sarawak Regatta

An annual celebration of Sarawak’s tribal history, the Sarawak River brims with longboats, traditional war boats, water taxis, dragon boats, modern kayaks and rowboats to race each other in the name of unity and fun. This is the perfect trip to unwind and relax without being far from the city.

Nailed It!

From the hilarious Netflix cooking contest, we bring the least serious of all cooking shows to Sarawak in this fun-filled itinerary. Crack the culinary secrets of authentic Sarawakian food from local chefs and shop for ingredients at rustic markets so you can whip up your very own manuk pansuh (bamboo chicken) and other ethnic dishes from Sarawak’s tribes. Suitable for kitchen newbies and home chefs.

Borneo Highland Resort

An hour’s drive from Kuching City, Borneo Highlands Resort is 1,000m above sea level and its climate is unlike any in Kuching. The temperature can go as low as 17 degrees Celsius and the view is breath-taking. The resort is also home to a 72-par, 6,247-metre golf course which is the only golf course in the world surrounded by jungle and atop a mountain plateau.

Amazing Race: Kuching

Take the most famous race show in the world and turn it into your team-building plan. Event experts will craft an itinerary that will suit your needs and budget without compromising on fun and silliness. Explore iconic landmarks and learn more about the history and heritage along your race trail. Friendly or challenging – it’s your choice.

Rainforest Music Festival

The world famous Rainforest World Music Festival is an annual show of weekend shenanigans that happens typically every July at Sarawak Cultural Village. Your wristband will get you into a variety of exciting daytime workshops while the night is filled with upbeat music from local and international artists. An after party is just across the venue for those waiting to see the sunrise. Transportation to and from the venue is readily available during this period or opt for nearby accommodation.

Kuching Waterfront Jazz Festival

This majestic outdoor jazz festival attracts thousands from around the world to enjoy a weekend of soulful jazz by local and international acts. The festival has an art and heritage bazaar where you can purchase Sarawakian accessories, souvenirs and other products in aid of local charities. Accommodations from major 5-star hotels to budget stays are all within walking distance of the festival.

BESLegacy Reward Programme

Reward your achievers with an experience to remember.

Sarawak’s unforgettable adventures, inspiring cultures and undeniably good food will elevate and reward your greatest asset – your corporate warriors.

For more information on the programme, contact Crystal Phang (Business Development Manager – Corporate Meetings and Incentives ) on [email protected] or call +6 082 242516.

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