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Australian Doctors Meet Their Match In Sarawak

Twenty members of the Australian Medical Association (NSW) Ltd. chose Kuching, Sarawak for their conference destination on the 25th September 2009. The group participated in an action packed of five-day program.

The highlight was a networking session with the Malaysian Medical Association (Sarawak Branch) members whereby Dr. Andrew Kiyu, Epidemiologist Consultant briefed the group on the medical development Sarawak to improve services in rural areas.

Dr. Robyn Napier, Medical Secretary & Medical Director of the Australian Medical Association (NSW) Ltd. said “our colleagues in Sarawak come from first hand experience and I am looking forward to incorporate that knowledge into our practices back home.  For me, the real highlight is what I have learnt.”

The group was also touched by the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in the “Heart to Heart with Orangutan” at the Matang Wildlife Centre.  Here, they were given a task by the ranger, either to pain the wall, clean up the cages or help out with Orangutan enrichment program. The group was really passionate and energized by the opportunity to help train the Orangutan. After lunch, the group transferred to witness the semi-wild Orangutan at the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre.  The program continued with a two-night stay at the Sarawak’s most beautiful golf course, Borneo Highland Resort where they enjoyed playing golf and experiencing the jungle spa.

Mr. David Broit from Platinum International Travel P/L who managed the group said, “I am absolutely in love with Sarawak. It is such a special experience, which I think, many Australians are missing out. The success of bringing my first two groups into Kuching, Sarawak means that I definitely will include Sarawak as one of my most special destinations and a definite inclusion in my tour program for future groups.”

Sarawak Convention Bureau Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Jill Henry added, “It’s great to see events of such nature in Sarawak. We have worked tirelessly to link up visitors with our local community to enrich the visitors’ experience and change their perspective.”

The group left for Brunei Darussalam on 29 September 2009 with a wonderful experience of Sarawak.  Before departure, Dr. Robyn Napier added that she would say to fellow Australians, “Absolutely must come to Sarawak!”

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