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Kuching Wins Bid To Host Prestigious International Convention Next Year

Kuching has won the right to host the prestigious Napoleon Hill International Convention 2010 (NHIC 2010) where the two-day event is expected to generate over RM 2.7 million for the local hospitality and tourism sector.

The winning bid is a credit to the collaborative efforts of a tripartite Malaysian team comprising GR8 Dreams (Kuala Lumpur), CPH Travel (Kuching) and the Sarawak Convention Bureau.

NHIC 2010 is expected to see the congregation of some 2,000 national and international participants and is scheduled from 24th to 25th June 2010, at the new Borneo Convention Centre Kuching.

Organized by Kuala Lumpur based Napoleon Hill Associates Group of Companies (NHA), the franchise holder of the Napoleon Hill Foundation for Malaysia, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand, the two-day event is also an opportune platform for budding Malaysian entrepreneurs to successfully chart their life journey towards becoming future millionaires.

In a statement to announce the hosting of NHIC 2010, NHA Chairman and founder Christina Chia said the event is a mind-share and learning platform aimed at individuals looking to make a positive change and achieve success in their personal and professional lives.

“Dr Napoleon Hill is the guru of all gurus of motivation, and known throughout the world as the King Maker of Millionaires. His most popular ever-green book Think & Grow Rich has made more self-made millionaires then any other books in history.

“At NHIC 2010, participants will have the invaluable opportunity to learn about Dr Hill’s success system, as well as meet and learn a lifetime of success strategies from self-made millionaires”, she added.

Echoing her personal experience, Lorela Chia, Head of Convention commented: “I have benefited tremendously when I attended the first NHIC back in 2007 – I secured a mentorship with one of the millionaire speakers then, and he has subsequently shared his experience, knowledge and business acumen to guide me toward success”.

“For NHIC 2010, we will be bringing in 17 self-made multi-millionaires from USA to speak on the 17 principles of success, and share their own personal journey and experience which has taken them “from zero to hero”. We expect anyone who aspires to be a success in life to want to attend this convention,” she added.

Meanwhile, Mrs Jill Henry, CEO of the Sarawak Convention Bureau added: “Securing this prestigious event will help build and enhance Kuching’s image as a new hub for conventions and exhibition in the international arena. One of the strong points in our bid was the ability to demonstrate that Kuching is a very cost effective option with on ground costs outweighing any additional air travel.”

The NHIC will kick-start a very busy two months for tourism industry suppliers next year as it is followed by the Sarawak Rainforest Interhash with an anticipated 5,000 participants from 2nd to 4th July; just one weekend before our biggest annual tourism event – the Rainforest World Music Festival.

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