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Miri Open For Business Events

MIRI, 11 September 2019: Business Events Sarawak’s inclusive plan to expand Sarawak’s prominent cities as lucrative meeting and conference destinations continues into Miri with the launching of the Business Events Consortium of Miri (BECoM) at Pullman Waterfront Hotel, Miri.

The culmination of the series of events within BESarawak: Tribal Gathering reiterated BESarawak’s strategy to strengthen the capabilities of other cities within Sarawak aside from Kuching.

BECoM – and its catchy tagline ‘Miri Open for Business Events’ – aims to catapult Miri as a mighty Business Events destination. It is inevitable as Miri has been a strategic location with the first discovery of oil in Borneo in the early 1900s which has since accelerated the city’s progress as it established itself as a leading port within the region for oil and timber industries. Today, there are a few industrial areas in Miri such as Kuala Baram Industrial Estate (Mixed, Light, and Medium Industries), Piasau Industrial Estate (Mixed Light Industries) and Bekenu Light Industrial Area (food processing).

Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Sarawak, YB Datuk Haji Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, expressed that “As a second-tier business events destination, Sarawak is moving at a speed that can only be described as phenomenal. It is a positive sign that our industries are going in the right direction. We are paving way for bigger opportunities within the state, country and Asia Pacific region.”

Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dato’ Sebastian Ting Chiew Yew, is welcoming business events communities to the city, “Miri is typically associated with tourism activities but now we are welcoming the business sector – in particular, business events – to choose Miri and invest in our destination to inspire and be inspired. The tagline means exactly what it says – we are open for business events!”

Chief Operating Officer of BESarawak, Amelia Roziman said “This move by BESarawak will enable the industry partners and players in Miri to further develop opportunities in terms of hosting conferences. Our initiatives are driven by Sarawak’s tribal values of community, identity and unity therefore we are confident that Miri has the potential to expand its sectors and BECoM will be the vehicle that drives Miri to be the pioneer of conferences that have yet to be brought to our shores.”

Aside from being an industrially strong city, Miri has proven its capabilities to excel in the sector of agriculture to become the state’s focus city in using high-technology farming via the fertigation system starting next year with an effective model that is currently supporting the city’s agropreneurs.

BESarawak expands the direction of business events to include the significance on legacy impact, whereby the intangible benefits of conferences are measured through its four core pillars in Advancing the Field, Community Benefits, Economic Outcomes and Public Policies and concurrently driven by Sarawak’s 7 key focus areas (Urban Development/Redevelopment, Environment Development, Social Development, Industrial Development including SCORE Focus Areas (Palm oil based, aquaculture, timber based, aluminium, steel & ferroalloy, marine engineering, tourism, livestock, oil & gas and solar glass), Agriculture Development, Service Industry and Digital Economy.

For more information on BESarawak and its new direction for Sarawak’s business events, head on to businesseventssarawak.com or contact Rose ([email protected]) at 082 242-516.

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