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Sarawak first in Malaysia to host Certified Event Design training

27 practitioners from Malaysia warming up for the half-year course starting with a 3-day class in Kuching.

KUCHING, 6 February 2022: Sarawak is setting the bar for event design excellence as the first destination in Malaysia to host the Level 3 Event Design Certificate (EDC) Programme, enabling business event practitioners in the State to obtain the highly-acclaimed  Certified Event Designer (CED) designation. 

The EDC Programme is a Swiss-based international certification programme recognised by the world-renowned Events Industry Council.  Making it possible for Sarawak’s industry partners to obtain their CED designations is BESarawak in collaboration with local industry partner ARC Creators.

CED candidates will be equipped with fundamental knowledge, skills and tools using the Event Canvas Methodology, a strategic management tool for developing event and conference models where success is measured through behaviour change. Upon completion of the half-year course, candidates should be able to think outside of the box and create compelling convention designs that generate more value for planners, delegates and other stakeholders involved. 

Trainer Ruud Janssen demonstrates how to use 3 types of maps to design an event according to objectives.

Education and training are Sarawak’s foci to developing and nurturing human capital in the business events industry. “International certifications are vital as it meets the needs of our industry and the needs of the State to progress,” said Amelia Roziman, BESarawak’s CEO. “Not only can our partners deliver quality international business events, but widen their opportunities to collaborate with the private and government sectors to propose more events that will provide a platform to develop Sarawak’s economies and support social development — contributing to the State’s social and economic transformation.”

Speaking from the perspective of Capacity Development, Dylan Redas Noel believes that this is a much-needed development for Sarawak’s industry partners to continue pursuing international recognition and value.“National and international business event planners have a growing appetite for creative and engaging conventions, hence we are determined to certify more industry partners and raise their professionalism via international courses,” stated BESarawak’s General Manager for Capacity and Digital Development.  “As the first destination in the country with potentially the most Certified Event Designers, it gives Sarawak a competitive advantage and opportunities to grow the local talent pool, thus contributing to the national business events industry development.”

The class participating in ideation and how to use the stakeholder empathy map.

ARC Creators’ Chief Technology Officer, Ronald Lim, says that “as one of the first 3 Certified Events Designers in the country, I have seen the methodology and process helped me to design better conferences.  I hope that by organising more CED cohorts in Sarawak, we can all level up and deliver more sustainable and quality business events. We are grateful that BESarawak understands the importance of upskilling and growing the industry partners.”

27 industry partners have registered for the EDC Programme, which incorporates an intensive 3-day professional course beginning 6th-8th February followed by a 6-month coaching period. BESarawak provides subsidies for certification programmes to Sarawak-based partners. For more information on this and other certification programmes, please email Ellya Emelda at [email protected].  

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