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Sarawak Leads Sustainable Land Use Policies In The Region

Dr. Lulie Melling proudly carrying the Sarawak flag as the State triumphs in winning the next AsiaFlux Conference 2020

Malaysia, 8.11.19 Sarawak recently proved to be triumphant in its bid to host the AsiaFlux Conference 2020 at the recent AsiaFlux 2019, held in Takayama City, Japan.

AsiaFlux 2020 which is set to be held in Kuching between 22nd – 24th September 2020, is a highly specialised conference organized by the Malaysian Peat Society (MPS), Sarawak Tropical Peat Research Institute (TROPI) and AsiaFlux Scientific Steering Committee and co-organized by the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) and Hokkaido University.

With the central theme, “Understanding Tropical & Subtropical Ecosystem Processes”, the conference will highlight a special session on Tropical Peatland and feature well renowned scientific leaders, including NASA. According to Organizing Chair, Dr. Lulie Melling, “The main aim is for this Conference to act as a platform to create awareness to the government, the industries and the people especially potential young scientists from South East Asia such as Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, on the importance of GHG Cycling in guiding sustainable land use policies in the region.”

As a member of the AsiaFlux Science Steering Committee (2018-2020), President of the Malaysian Peat Society and Director of TROPI, Dr. Lulie is a pioneer peatland researcher whose contributions have been instrumental in the paradigm shift within peatland development. She highlighted that in 2020, Sarawak will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary of TROPI Flux Study in collaboration with AsiaFlux (including Korea Flux and Japan Flux). The upcoming milestone is one of many; with TROPI’s recent recognition within the Global Team by NASA – and as the only Southeast Asian entity to be included. As a local leader in the global peat community, TROPI is the only group that runs and manages 3 Flux towers to study the carbon and energy fluxes for different ecosystems on tropical peatland in Sarawak.

Supported by the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture Sarawak through Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak), this conference is an inevitable progression subsequent to the global phenomenon – the 15th International Peat Congress 2016 (Kuching). In pursuing its aim to drive social and economic transformation, BESarawak continues to support high-yielding conferences into the State under its Legacy Impact Programme – which looks into the 4 pillars of social and economic transformation categorised as Advancing the Field, Community Benefits, Economic Outcomes and Public Policy.

AsiaFlux 2020 is expected to bring progressive and cutting-edge solutions and breakthroughs to existing peatland development problems that Sarawak and the world is currently facing.

Chief Operating Officer of BESarawak, Amelia Roziman commended AsiaFlux 2020, “Having the likes of NASA as a featured speaker is of high significance and Sarawak is going to immensely benefit from having such experts on our turf to share knowledge and expertise in Sarawak, to the world. As priority is given to Sarawak’s 7 Key Focus Areas (7KFAs) within Sarawak, AsiaFlux 2020 is expected to be a game changer in the industry.”

The 7 KFAs are namely urban development/redevelopment, social, agricultural, environmental and industrial development with SCORE as the locus, service industry and digital economy.

AsiaFlux is a regional research network bringing together scientists from universities and institutions in Asia to study the exchanges of carbon dioxide, water vapour, and energy between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere across daily to inter-annual time scales. For more information, visit www.asiaflux.net.

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